Bear Friends

Hi everyone!

CB and I have several friends who have become part of our “honorary bear family” that we would like to share with you. I know that you will enjoy meeting them as much as we did

lovingly yours,


Shelia and Clinton

Shelia and Clinton just arrived from Australia where they lived with their good friend Bec. They are looking forward to learn about life in Kentucky, and they are very happy to be joining the our bear clan!

Grizabella (aka Belle, Bellebottom)

Belle sleepingBelle lived with Missy and Stu for over ten years. They adopted her when she was three years old and needed a loving home. She was very loving, but it took her a long time to warm up to us bears. She remained rather stand-offish to CB, but she seemed to like me as well as she could.

Belle loves boxes, even if she can't fit in them wellBelle slept quite a bit during the day, but she really got excited at feeding time! She really started meowing loudly around the time Stu and Missy came home from work, and continued until she was fed, getting louder and louder by the minute. Sometimes we would sneak a little snack to her, but we didn’t do it too often.

Belle loves bookcasesBelle could be very silly at times, especially when she found weird items in which to sleep. She thought she was very small and dainty, and she didn’t seem to understand that she was a very large kitty who weighed about 15 pounds (although she used to weigh 20)!

Belle has left us to go to the Heavyside Lair in 2010. We miss her gentle thumps and bumps. We miss her meowing. Most of all we miss her gentle purrs and tongue baths. We love you, Belle!

Holly Cow

Holly Cow is a new friend we met at Christmas. She is a very gentle, cuddly cow who is a wonderful addition to our circle of friends. She told us that meeting us was a “mooing” experience. Of course, we love her because of her wonderful personality and her cinnamon-chocolate milk!

Holly has found herself a secret identity this Christmas (2010). She is now known as Moodolph. She helped guide our sleigh through our Christmas travels with her bright, shiny nose. Go, Moodolph…go Moodolph!

Dusty, Space Cat

Dusty is a sweet-tempered kitty who visits us from space. She absolutely loves watching Star Trek movies and episodes with us. We believe that she must be kin to the cat, Pixel, mentioned by Robert Heilein in several of his books, since she seems to be able to move in and out of the house without using doors or windows.

Dusty loves to tell us stories of all the places she has visited. She is also interested in joining us on our next Honeymoon Bear Picnic. She says she has a special treat she wants us to try, but she won’t let us know what it is. She wants to surprise us with it at the picnic.

ITCy and BITCy

ITCy and BITCy became Missy and Stu’s friend many years ago when Missy worked at the College of Education. She and the student workers named ITCy as the department’s mascot. A few months later, ITCy little sister, BITCy came to visit and decided to stay.

Both of them now live with us and spend most of their time in Missy’s Studio. They also will be coming to our Spring Honeymoon Bear Picnic. We’ll be sure to have lots of fresh fruits and nuts for them to eat!.

ITCy is very modest, so she won’t mention that she is a SuperSquirrel. If you are very lucky someday, you might catch a glimpse of her rescuing other animals who are in danger.


Ivy joined us via a friend from Missy’s former UKy office. Ivy is very gentle and kind. She is a healer who understands that love is necessary for a happy life. She also is a bibliophile who enjoys sharing her finds with others.