My First Steps

Hi! My name is Timmie. I live in a very cozy bear cave tucked up high. My best friend, Timmie Too, lives with me also. We have lived here for about two years. This year I decided to take a trip to explore the world around my cave.
If you are interested, why don’t you come along with me?

This is the first day of my adventure. On my stroll, I found a very strange thing. It was thin metal, and it was going up a wall! Intriqued, I climbed to the top. I found a cute wooden house! I climbed to the roof and looking down, when I saw people dancing on the balcony! Wow!
On day two I went to visit Crystal and Dusty. They have a very nice, warm cave. The floor feels like metal, but it was nice and warm. My visit was a lot of fun and very interesting. I wonder where I will go next?
Day Three – I found a very, very strange place. It is full of hard surfaces, except for a soft, green box. The box doesn’t seem to have any way to open it. Very curious! One thing though…it really has a nice smell!

Day Four – I love this place! It is full of wonderful smells and tastes just made for little bears like me! I am trying to figure out what is in this jar. There are lots of little things that look like seeds. I did watch someone take some of the seeds, put them in a clear container, then put the container inside a big box with a door on the front. There was a lot of noise that sounded like little explosions. When the person took the container out of the box, the seeds were gone! Oh my! The container was overflowing with lots of fluffy white things! Where did the yellow seeds go?!?

Day Five – I found a cute, cozy bear cave! It has lots of things in it, and I am enjoying looking at everything. I am curious about all the shiny pieces of metal that I found in this blue cup. I really wonder what they are?
Day Seven – I felt it was time to relax for a little bit and begin recording my peregrination. This week has been really cool! I got to see lots of new places, and I visited some dear friends. Will all my wanderings be like this? I wonder where I will go next week and who I will see? I like my resting place. It is at the heart of a lot of activity. I’ve had fun watching people as they walk by my spot.
Day Eight – This morning, while exploring, I found a huge, silver box with wheels! It had four doors and one of them was open. It took me a little time, but I finally got up onto the seat and found a great place to sit. It was very safe and secure.

Soon Stu came and got in the box. Wonder, of wonders, the box started to move! Wow!!! A few minutes later, the box slowed and stopped. I climbed out of my seat and moved to a big, dark bag where I found a snuggly pocket and soon squirmed into it. Well, Stu will be taking me back home soon. I wonder what it will be like being back home after my big adventure. I also wonder what the future holds for me. Maybe one day, you too can go on your own peregrination!