Designer Clothes

I have been designing a new cruise wardrobe for our daughters. The first garment will be an evening gown for them to wear on the first formal night. It will have a medium blue underskirt with an overskirt of blue and purple chiffon. I believe they will really look good in them.

Missy is busy sewing them as I type. She worked hard this weekend coming up with the basic pattern, even though she wasn’t feeling very well on Sunday. I am hoping that she can finish one of the dresses this evening. If she does, then I will take a picture and post it for you.

Love, BP



Pre-Birth Announcement

CB and I are going to have daughters!

Yes, we are adopting a daughter for each of us. We have reached the stage in our life where it is time to relax at home and let the next generation do the traveling. A time of joy with a little melancholy.

While CB and I still enjoy tramping all around with Missy and Stu, we have agreed that our health is important and that as the elder statesbears of BearHaven, it is our duty to remain in BearHaven. Of course, we still will occasionally make a trip or two when the mood strikes, but we will stay put for the most part.

Oh fear not, dear readers, we will continue to supply you with our daughters’ adventures as well as the tales of the Timmies. I also will be embarking on a new career as an author. Please let me know what you think.

More about our little darlings in the next post!

Lovingly yours, BP